Above: Image published beside notice column

Published in the Democrat & Chronicle, Jul 29, 2019

Written by police blotter editor Peter F Carr

Missing Persons Notice

Early this morning, 24-year-old Hannah Bhavtaran Singh was reported missing, and has failed to respond to any attempts to contact her. The report was filed by Olivia Jaquelyn Nichols, who was last in contact with Singh over text on the night of July 27. The local freelance IT worker and RIT grad was last seen on July 23 by her former landlord, who reports that she moved out of her apartment that evening after terminating her lease. No current residence has been found under her name. The current investigation has no official leads and anyone who has been in recent contact with Singh is advised to contact the Rochester Police Department with a statement.

Archive notes:

- No leads as of Jul 31

- PR dept. of local company contacted D&C to urge against publishing the notice column (see RBJ0208019-4b)