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Published in the Rochester Business Journal, Feb 8, 2019

Written by editor Casey Zielinski

Rochester, say hello to a new star in your midst! Earlier this week, one of the long-unused business complexes on the outskirts of Downtown officially began its transformation into a brand-new headquarters of operations for the formerly San-Francisco-based tech researcher Achlys Industries. A newcomer on the private-sector research scene, Achlys promises to bring new jobs and opportunities to the city. Achlys’s assistant PR Director Alice Kohlburg (pictured right) states that “Achlys wants all the best for the people here. We’re revolutionizing multiple industries with our work, and regular people can help us on our way to success.” While Kohlburg did not elaborate on the specifics of her company’s research, she wanted to encourage readers to check out ways to join in on the research on the Achlys website—the opportunities available are always changing, and paid temp jobs for the company are in hot demand!

Archive notes:

- Website located at achlysindustries.wixsite.com